Toyota to abandon installation plan for U.S. connected vehicle tech by 2021

According to recent reports, early on Friday, Toyota Motor Corp in a statement said that the company is planning to halt all its dedicated installation of short-range communication technologies in the U.S. vehicles. According to the motor company, the technology (communication) which is aimed at letting vehicles and trucks to communicate with each other so as to avoid a collision.

Moreover, the announcement of Toyota Motor Corp abandonment of the installation plan in the U.S. has been a major blow to DSRC advocates. Currently, automakers are divided on whether to proceed with the use of 4G OR 5G based communication systems or stick to the DSRC systems.

In April 2018, Toyota Motor Corp, the Japanese automaker confirmed the plans of installing DSRC technology as from 2021. According to reports, Toyota Motor Corp was aiming at adopting this system across most of its vehicle lineup by the middle of 2020.

In a letter to FCC (Federal Communication Commission), Toyota Motor Corp said that unfortunately, the company has not yet signed a significant production commitment with the commission. According to the Federal Communication Commission, automakers were allocated a small spectrum of 5.9 GHz band for DSRC in the year 1999. However, this section has gone unused since then.

According to reports, the Federal Communication Commission and cable firm officials have stated in their reports that they are thinking of relocating the allocated spectrum of 5.9 GHz band for DSRC for other uses. In addition to the spectrum of the 5.9 GHz band, the Federal communication commission said that testing has been carried out since to see if the spectrum of 5.9 GHz band can be shared.

In addition to this, the DSRC supporters noted that the U.S. transportation department had invested over $700 million in the development of the spectrum system. However, the cellular system has issues with interoperability.

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