US Air Force Prepares For Great Power War Against China And Russia

According to reports, as the reasons are clear, USAF is currently undergoing the greatest and largest expansion in terms of the Air Force since the cold war ended. In September, Heather Wilson, Secretary of the United States of America Air Force, during the air force association annual space and cyber conference come up with new roadmaps for the entire U.S. air force.

As we speak, the United States of America’s air force has the largest expansion by far in terms of equipment’s and troops in the universe. In his 30 minute speech, Heather Wilson, secretary of the United States of America air force, identified a perceived context of all new developments which indicated that at the moment, Russia has already conducted its largest military training and, on the other hand, has already sent it first operational aircraft in the Pacific.

In addition to this, China has already militarized its south pacific sea. However, China has said that it has militarized this region for security purposes. In accordance’s to her speech, Heather Wilson, secretary of the United States of America air force, said that at the moment, U.S. is planning of expanding all operational squadrons which she referred to as the clenched fist of American resolve.

The United States of America is planning of expanding its squadrons from 312 to around 386 between the year 2025 and the year 2030. According to this, the United States of America will have increased its squadron by 25 percent since the end of the cold world war. And for this, the United States of America will be the country with the largest military force.

According to this expansion, the squadron will have 1000 bombers (new), 10 to 24 aircraft, drones, fighter jets, and reconnaissance. The entire expansion is expected to worth $25billion which will be added on the Air Force budget.

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