Twitter Mac Desktop App to be Relaunched

Twitter recently announced that it is re-launching its Mac desktop app. This app was dropped a little more than a year ago. Now that Apple has revealed Project Catalyst for Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, twitter will launch the app again.

Last week at the Apple’s WWDC conference twitter declared that along with Catalina, twitter app will also come out. This time, new features such as notifications, dark mode, multiple windows, keyboard shortcuts etc. are included in the app.

Twitter had discontinued the app in February 2018 on account of sporadic updates. It asked people to utilize web version of twitter. The primary reason for dropping the app was that, the original iPhone app and Mac app became different over the period of time and it was difficult to maintain both of them.

According to twitter, it is now possible for them to use their current codebase with Project Catalyst and also add desktop features. Simultaneously, maintaining efficiency of the app  in upcoming years is possible.

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